O, Little Town of Ephraim

How I miss that place! Oh, just thinking about it makes me feel a little home sick. For two years I lived in a little place called Ephraim. It was the SMALLEST town that I have ever been to and probably the smallest town that I ever will live in. I miss living with roommates (as crazy as they were, I sincerely do miss them) in the Snow Lodge and having late nights at the library and listening to “Closing Time” every night. But most of all, I miss Janelle. I really miss that girl! We met last year (her Freshman year and my Sophomore year) and clicked really well. She’s just one of those friends that I know I’m going to be really close to for forever.

Me and Janelle

Right now, she’s doing the job that I did last year which was being apart of the student council. It was the BEST thing that I have done in my life thus far. I really loved the leadership experiences and the opportunities to plan events.  I learned so many life long skills from it and will forever cherish all of the wonderful memories that I have from the position.  So, tonight, I’d like to dedicate this post to all of the E-towners and to all of the good (and some bad) experiences I had there.

Me and the roommies at the MLK Event

It was as painful as it looks.

Me and most of the SBA family

The Roommies before graduation!


“And at last I see the light!”

Last night in E-Town

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