That thing called the “Shuttle Bus”

Oh, yes. I’m sure that you’re just dripping with envy right now because I ride the shuttle bus to campus most days. Yes, dear readers, I have that lazy bone in me because I simply refuse to arrive to campus by 8:30 to get a good parking spot when my classes don’t start until 10:30. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sleep in. I like getting up early and doing something with my morning. But it’s not worth the two hours of boredom or sitting in the stuffy library or math lab to get good parking.

Each day on the shuttle, I have a little adventure. I call it, “The Shuttle Bus Experiment.” This entails me either talking to some random stranger that I’ll probably will never see again or laughing silently to myself about what a person does on the shuttle (and for the record, if you try to stare someone down, they will REFUSE to make any eye contact with you at all). I do have great fun with this–probably a little too much.

For example, the other day I swear on my entire collection of T-Swift CDs that I was sitting by the ACTUAL Taylor Swift. No joke! She, the blonde with the big sunglasses, was in what looked like something Taylor would wear off of her new album RED (in stores October 22 in case you didn’t know!). That is, black and white three-quarters length shirt, dark pants, those cool-looking-shoes-that-I-can’t-name-right-now, and of course, RED lipstick. I had to do a double take and I had the hardest (and I mean, the. hardest.) time not taking a picture of her because she looked so much like the T-Swift. I’m convinced that she was a Taylor fan because she wasn’t as tall as I thought Taylor would be. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I was graced with the presence of Taylor Swift and I didn’t even know it. Who knows?! All I know is that I was asked over Twitter to be an extra in her new music video. Who would’ve thought?!

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