Birds of a Feather

Today’s topic all comes from a very strange and funny conversation that I had over text with my best friend, Ash. It went like this:

Me: So, any cute boys in your new singles ward or classes?
Ash: No, I haven’t been to my new ward yet. Classes…um…I guess I haven’t really been paying attention.
Me: What the heck? Spread your wings and fly to the sparrows!
Ash: Haha.
Me: You know I’m right…
Ash: Oh! There is one guy I think is cute but I’m pretty sure he’s engaged.
Me: Ah, gotta avoid the crows.
Ash: I think I need to just graduate and fly away to the land of graduate school.
Me: I’m sure you’ll find some hot peacock in grad school
Ash: Hahaha! Peacock? You know me so well…
Me: Yes, yes I do.
Ash: Either that or an ostrich. Those things are fierce. Maybe a penguin, too. They know how not to drown.

Later in the conversation (still talking about birds):

Me: What about a mocking bird?
Ash: No, that’s more your style.
Me: What about a humming bird?
Ash: They’re cute. I’ll stick with my peacocks and ostrich hommies, though.
Me: What about a raven?
Ash: Raven? I’m not having that.

Welp, I could continue sharing the rest of the conversation but we would all be here till midnight. So, I’ll just cut to the chase: this conversation somehow ended up on the topic of Ron and Hermione’s relationship announcement that JKR made the other day. …Needless to say we’re helpless. But that’s okay. I’m in no rush to get married any time soon. So, thank you for joining our topic of birds today! Maybe one day I’ll break each bird down into what kind of birds people marry…Hmm. Done and done.

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