My entire life I have battled with something so huge that you can’t miss it. It’s called ridiculously-frizzy-poofy-tight-curly-mess disease. That’s right. The dreaded curly hair disease has controlled me my entire life. Here’s proof:

Worst hair day ever!
Worst hair day ever on my mission!

Now, let me make something very clear: If any of you post that on Facebook or something I will personally delete it off of your computer. Okay, I’m glad we had that conversation. Let’s get back to the blog post…

So, this morning was one of those mornings where my hair looked like the picture. But today my hair was not going to win. I tried to tame the beast with water and hair moose but nothing was successful. Then I remembered I had the cure for this nasty disease! Within a twenty minutes I had finally beat it with my amazing straightener. I’d post a picture but I’m too lazy to take one and upload it. Anyway, so if any of you fellow WordPress bloggers battle with this disease don’t you worry! There is a cure! It’s about $25 at your local Walmart: A straightener. I wish you all luck in conquering this Jabberwocky of life and “may the odds ever be in your favor.”

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