Awkward? No problem.

The past week and a half have felt like an eternity. I have done nothing productive or anything worth mentioning. But the great thing is I’m realizing that I’m so awkward. It isn’t even funny, guys! I never have thought of myself to be socially awkward or anything like that but I’m officially in that category until I get over the fact that I’m really home for good. So, the past seven days I’ve tried to step out of my awkwardness. These are my results:

1. The curling iron leaves burn marks. For Christmas, my mom got my this really neat curling comb iron thing that is made just for insanely curly hair (proof of that is on the previous post). So, I’ve been fiddling with it the past couple of days with my curling iron. Can I just say that getting burned on your forehead hurts like there is no tomorrow? OUCH!

Thankfully, the battle wounds aren’t that noticeable and the one on the back of my head is covered by hair. I never have straightened or curled my hair in my life until now (I know, I know….) and I’m definitely am not going to be one of those icon girls with perfect hair. That is a fact of life.

2. Oh, YSA…did you hear it was oh-so-awkward?. Last night, I went to my first YSA (young single adult) activity since I’ve been home from my mission. There were lots of cute boys there. Really cute. Really, really cute. And they are RMs like me!!! Okay, I’m gloating. Let’s move on. Anyway, I wasn’t really enjoying myself. I’ll be honest, I’m all for the social crowd and everything but when it comes to scavenger hunts that are disguised as a Valentines Party…I’m not a fan. So, I got my hair all nice and curled (45 minutes that I’ll never get back, mind you) and showed up looking super good all to find out that we were going to be running around looking for stupid things and to take pictures for a slide show that we’d watch at the end.

Never again am I doing a scavenger hunt. I was put with a couple of girls that I kind of know (as in, I recognized them from the previous summers that I had been in the ward before I returned to college) and felt so awkward. Not only could I not chime in the conversations because I’m so behind on everything I only had mission stories to tell. Talk about awkward!!! So, we finally get back and I didn’t want to wait for the video so I decide to leave. Welp, ladies and gentlemen that’s when I was caught. As I was pulling out, a really cute guy was walking back to the church building and saw me leaving. He ran over and knocked on my window as I was backing out. NOTE: IS THIS A SIGN OR AM I JUST READING INTO THIS? So, stupid me, I rolled down the window and his charming smiled talked me into going back inside and watch the stupid video so I could talk for a total of 15 seconds with this boy. I cracked an “I’m an awkward recently returned missionary” joke and that’s when I scarred him off. Are we sure that it’s okay for me to talk to boys?

3. 9/11 is always going to impact the rest of my life. Lately I’ve been totally hooked on Bones. It’s awesome. If you don’t watch it, get onto Netflix and enjoy it! It’s really neat. I’m fascinated by forensics and science so I’m hooked. Anyway, there was an episode in season eight that was about an unidentified 9/11 victim who turned out to be a solider. It was really touching and I’ll admit that I had to fight hard to keep the tears from flowing.

For me, I was 8 when the attack happened. I remember watching the towers fall and my mom crying and saying on the phone to my dad, “Logan! Logan, the tower! It’s falling! The second tower is falling!!!” I remember being terrified for the next few days and eventually my nine-year-old self would become caught up in my world of elementary school.

Looking back, I didn’t realize how huge 9/11 was. Sometimes, I still don’t. But what I do know is that I am so grateful for the men and woman that serve this country every day. I am so grateful for everyone who protects and fights for the freedom that we have. I love the USA!

4. Last but not least, if you want to have a decent scrapbook and photo album you need money. I love photography and being crafty. Put those two things together and you’ll have pure bliss. Since I’ve been home from my mission, I’ve attempted three scrapbooks and all of them haven’t progressed at all because I need more pictures or glue or this or that…but none of that can happen because I’m still currently jobless. But I should be starting to work very soon. It’ll be nice to have something to do on a daily basis instead of just sitting around wanting to put needles in my eyes.

So, that is what has happened in the last week and a half. Since my computer is finally working, I will be more consistent in blogging. So, until next time, watch out for the Jabberwockies and happy trails!

What’s something exciting that’s happened to you in the past week and half?

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