Return of the Shuttle Bus

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to return to WSU to teach an the mission preparation institute* class. I thought that I couldn’t park in the institute’s parking lot so I parked clear across campus in one of the LDS church parking lots and walked to the shuttle bus. Oh, how the memories came flooding. The days of T-Swift look-a-likes, awkward silence, and more. The typical day to day experience on the shuttle bus was what I had last Wednesday. The same awful smells of gas, combinations of perfume, body odor, and smoke were all throughout the shuttle bus. The only difference was the bar that you hold onto if there isn’t any spot to sit. Instead of it just being the long silver bar they added straps to hold onto for those of us that are super short.

Now, I realize that many tall people don’t think much of those straps. However, they make all the difference to those of us that struggle vertically. If I would’ve had access to those straps I probably wouldn’t have almost fallen on people, dislocated my shoulder, and more. I mean honestly, is it too much to ask for someone to make sure that every shuttle bus has those straps? It really could save a life. Maybe even more than just one life. So, to all of those that build the shuttle buses, I politely request that all tall, long bars to hold onto have straps so everyone can have a safe ride to campus because “all men are created equally” and should have the equal opportunity to ride safely on the shuttle bus.

*Institute is a religious class where principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are taught.

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