A Technology Driven World


This morning I woke up  to my internet connection not working which meant that I couldn’t access anything on my iPhone. It was a disaster! Clearly (and thankfully), the internet company sent a guy out to fix it  or I wouldn’t be blogging right now. Anyway, it got me thinking as I was doing my morning routine of breakfast, workout, get ready, read the scriptures, and blog (well, it doesn’t always happen in that order).  What would happen if everyone’s internet just stopped working? What would we all do? I mean, think about it. Everything is driven through technology these days. Colleges, business, marketing, news, movies, and more all depend on technology to work every second of the day.  Would everything fall apart? Would any of us be able to function? Would we hear mysterious phantom buzzes from Twitter update?

For me, I can’t say that I wouldn’t have the phantom buzzes because when I was in the MTC (missionary training center) I remember looking for my phone or thinking that I needed to check Facebook or something. It was really sad. But I’m glad that I was away from all of the social media and all of the strings that are attached to it. It gave me a lot of perspective on what life really is capable of without technology.  It also reminded me how much I rely on technology. In the mission field, we were allowed 90 minutes each week to email our families and an additional 60 minutes to check Mormon.org, LDS.org, or any other LDS church site. On the weeks that I didn’t get a ton of email, I’d handwrite letters. To be honest, I really enjoyed it. There is something unique about paper and pen meeting each other. Anyway, before I start to ramble about writing I’m going to stop myself get to the point:
What would you do if technology suddenly failed the world?

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