The Carnival Ride

For Ashlee, Sarah, Dani, Colleen, Gretchen, Shaye, Sadie, Karly, and Emily.

Nine little women, all dressed up
In assortment of colors, patterns, and gowns
There wait in line for the old carnival ride
Had been long, but alas their moment had arrived
Each had a ticket in there hand
Passing it to the ticket taker, he smiled and winked
And showed them on
The operator nodded his head
And helped the nine little women on
While they say an waited, laughter filled the cart
Each little women was excited for the start
Their journey would be wild, full of surprise
No one could express their joy
On the carnival ride
From afar, it shimmered and gleaned
It appealed to every eye
The red and gold stood out with little
Tints of blue stars
Each parent and child would gaze at the sight
Of the extraordinary sight of the wheel of the world
One by one, nine little women
Had climbed on
Not one was forgotten
By the operator, not the ticket taker
Nine little women aspired with
And dreams
Some bumps on the ride
Changed some dreams
But each little women held strong and remained
On the carnival ride
The ride was old, rickety, and creaky
But the wheel of the world
Kept turning around
Nine little women, all dressed up
Waiting to arrive at their destination
Though their ride was long and
Their bonds of friendship
Never ended
On the wheel of the world
For it had just begun

Copyrighted 2010 by SKB.

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