Of missions, first dates, and undiscovered countries

Oh, good golly gosh. I have failed at updating my blog! I’m so sorry! Please don’t hate me. And if you do, well, I deserve it. So much has happened within the past couple of weeks (and last month) and I’m at a lost of where to even begin! The last little while has been kind of hard. As in I-can’t-do-this type of hard. Coming back to reality after my mission has been pretty rough but according to my family I’m officially not awkward anymore. Thanks, guys.

But let’s be real here. I have really missed my mission [which is the biggest understatement of the year]. I have missed my mission so desperately much. I would give almost anything to go back. But the facts are facts. I have bad lungs and an immune system that can’t quite pay the bill all of the time. So, here I am. I miss getting up at 6:30, exercising, getting ready, and then studying the scriptures and Preach My Gospel for two and a half hours every day. I miss finding members that haven’t come to church in a while. I miss meeting with the bishop and seeing what we can do to help. I just miss the work so much. I miss the zone conferences, training meetings, interviews, crazy companions, ward members, teaching the lessons, and everything in between. Call me sappy, but serving a mission was the best thing that I have done with my life so far. I’m so grateful that I was able to serve for the 11 1/2 months that I was out. It was the best time of my life. The people there are so incredible and I am so grateful that I was able to learn and grow with them. ❤

Now, before I get all sappy and ramble on about my mission, let's talk about this whole first date thing. First of all, first dates are probably on my "favorite things" list. I have some pretty awkward and hilarious stories (oh, the memories). But more than the good stories that come from first dates, the very first date can be a big deal. Well, at least it is to me. Let's face it: First dates are supposed to be classy, y'know? Just like the ones in the movies. They're supposed to set the stage for your relationship with that person and possibly even for time and all eternity [No pressure, guys. No pressure.]. They are supposed to be light and fun–not the classic awkward conversation that goes: “Hey, let’s go to a movie and not talk for an hour and a half. Then I’ll awkwardly try to hold your hand and when you freak out, I’ll still try to hold it again.”

First of all, NO THANK YOU! For any guy who wants to ask me out on a first date please pay close attention and take a good note when I say: I do not like movie dates. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies. But I also like to talk and get to know you. Movie dates are fine if it’s date three or more but come on people. Let’s get to know each other and enjoy the night. So, Mr. I’m-Gonna-Ask-Sam-Out please let’s just fly a kite or something or go to a theme park. Heck, let’s just go to a park and eat lunch. I’m pretty easy going…most of the time. 🙂

Now, you may wonder why I’m even talking about first dates…well, that’s because I got asked out for the first time since I’ve been home from my mission. Holy cow, I am freaking out!? He’s super nice and cute and funny and…we’ll just stop there before I spill my guts on my blog. But seriously, guys, I’m a little nervous because I haven’t dated for a year and three months! Hopefully, this first date won’t be one of those awkward ones. I don’t think it will because we’re going to a theme park. I’ll keep you posted about that first date.

Last but not least, the undiscovered countries. I finally got my acceptance letter to the new university that I’m going to be transferring to. I’m so excited! It’s going to be such a grand experience! I’m excited to only have three roommates, new classes, new campus, new this and that. It’s going to be great. And the best part is: I’m going on a study abroad!!! Oh! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I’m going to sign up for the Italy program to study the Greek mythology and art. I am so in love with Greek mythology. It’s always fascinated me and I am so glad that I can actually go there to see where all of the stories came from. I’m going spring semester and I’m pretty sure that time could not go by any slower. But that’s okay because life is good and living in the moment is the thing to do. So, to paraphrase (and slightly alter) the famous words of William Shakespeare, “To the undiscovered country where this traveler shall return and report on her study abroad.”

Welp, that’s all for today. Till next time!
Sam xo


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