First dates, kisses, and breakups


This is my breakup face.

It’s probably an expression that you don’t want to see if you’re dating me. It’s an expression that I don’t like to wear but here we are three weeks later wearing the blasted look. Please don’t enjoy it.

So, what happened?

I’ll tell ya what happened. It all started during my last blog post about that first date. Remember that? Yeah, me too. And boy, how it was fun! He cooked for me, we laughed a lot, and watched a movie. It was fun.

But here’s the thing…well, a couple of things:

  1. Dating is really freaky. Especially now that I’m home and everyone is pushing the whole marragie topic.
  2. I’m determined to go on a study abroad before I get married.
  3. Also, I’m going to be graduated with my English Education degree.
  4. I don’t really feel like I’m ready for a serious relationship with anyone for that matter. I just want to date around and have fun! Life is short! Let’s live it up.
  5. Welp, I’m out of reasons. I just wanted to make the list to five because five says, “I’m a complete list.” Oh, yes it does.

Till next time!

Xo Sam

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