A Collection of Self-Portriats

At the beginning of Anne Frank’s diary, she has a collection of self portraits.


I’m a huge fan of her diary (and heaven help you if you haven’t read it!) and thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to her.


If you don’t know Anne’s story, she was a Jew who was in hiding during WWII. She kept a daily (well, almost daily) journal of her activities and has some inspiring & beautiful writing on those pages. #Itwasmom who got me my first copy of her diary and to this day it is one of my most prized possessions. Anne inspired me to be a writer. She inspired me to start a daily journal. As of late, I haven’t been the greatest at it but I do thoroughly enjoy it. So, thank you Anne for inspiring me to write and to believe that my writing can make a difference.

Oh! And just for kicks and giggles here are my self portraits (almost like Anne…).

Oh, that’s nice.


No, I don’t like math. Thanks.

Bring it on!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Xo Sam

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