We’re Just Making Lemonade



Recently, I’ve ran into several people that I haven’t seen since high school or even longer and every single time I’ve been asked, “How are you?” I don’t know about you, but that’s almost a double loaded question. Looking back at the past four years compared to know things have drastically changed and not just in the typical “I went to college” category. It’s no secret that my family has had a major changes from the divorce and that we will be moving as a result of it. Nor has it been a secret of how hard it’s been.

Truthfully, I fell apart but I’m mostly put back together. Even though it’s been hard and the whole thing stinks to the core, I’m so grateful that I was given the opportunity to come closer to the Savior these past four years. It was hard learning to put that full trust in Him because my faith was severely shaken. But, thankfully, everything came together and we’re still moving forward.

I’ve had so many incredible blessings and wonderful opportunities that have happened in the past four years. I was able to be apart of Snow College’s SBA team, serve a mission, have most associates degree (darn math!), dated some great guys, attended Institute, and more. I’ve met incredible people along the way and can’t image a second without every single one of them (that means you). So much growth has happened during these hard times and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be standing on the feet without each of those experiences.

I sometimes have my moments when I’m sad about what happened and sometimes I even cry a little. But then I get picked right back up by a friend or Heavenly Father and I’m given that gentle reminder that I’m okay. Life really is good! There are so many wonderful things and new adventures that are coming. I just can’t wait to see where life will go.

But today, as of this second, life really is good. It’s super busy between work, church, and school. And my family is doing good despite everything that’s happened. I guess what you could say is that we’re just taking the lemons and making some delicious lemonade.

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