The Fault in My Morning [Stars NOT Included]


“Meg! Will! I’ll be back! I’m going to look at houses.” called my mom. I had literally just woken up. I glanced at my phone and it read: 9:45. Shoot! I had missed my gym time, morning routine, and most importantly, breakfast. I had missed breakfast. I had stayed up way to late the night before watching Netflix with my mom and now I was paying for it. Great. Now I have to rush around and get everything done. UGH!


I love listening to music in the morning. It gets me pumped and ready to face the day. So, naturally, I flipped on Pandora and “Gone, Gone, Gone” came on. Those lyrics speak to me for some reason. If you’ve seen the music video, it is all about family and being there for someone when life gets hard. And boy, how it’s been hard lately. The lyrics, “I would do it for you . . . long after you’re gone, gone, gone . . .” were in the background and I tried to quickly push the all problems that are going on to the side. I quickly got dressed (for the record, I was lucky that I even was able to find something to wear. I hadn’t done laundry for a two weeks), put my hair up in a ponytail, made my bed, ran upstairs to pop a bagel in the toaster, ran back downstairs to start cleaning my room, and then I remember about my bagel . . . ten minutes later.


Welp. As you can see, it was a rough breakfast. Luckily, I had half a grapefruit and part of my very burnt bagel. Then I went to clean my room which was a train wreck. Honestly, I am usually on top of everything but the past two weeks all of the chaos has been unleashed. I won’t post a picture of how bad my room was but it was bad. And anyone who knows me, knows that I keep a very clean room. So the fact that it was a wreck should tell you something about the past two weeks. But that’s okay. After I ate part of my breakfast, the backyard caught my eye.

It was so beautiful! It was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord reminding me that life really is good despite all of the upcoming changes that are going to be happening to my family.  Anyway, after breakfast, I brushed my teeth (why am I giving you full details? I don’t know. But I am) and then I remembered that I had to return a shirt that I bought yesterday at Maurice’s.



I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Maurice’s. It’s pretty but spunky. And I love that I can wear pretty much anything with their tops (and the jeans fit perfectly…being 5’3″ has its challenges in the pants department). I went to Maurice’s yesterday with my cute sister, Meg, to help me find a top for my best friend’s wedding that is on Saturday. This is what we found:



There is a belt that I forgot to add in the photo but I’ll post wedding photos on Saturday or Sunday. I’m so excited for her! Sarah has been by my side for the past seven years. We’ve been through the thick and thin together and I am so grateful to have her in my life. She’s one of those soul sisters that are pretty hard to find. Anyway, I’m so excited for her to start her life with the love of her life, Jake. They’ve been dating on and off since high school and finally, he got home from his mission and now they will be getting sealed in the Salt Lake City temple on Saturday. I’m so excited and happy for her. They are going to have a beautiful life together. Oh. Here’s my favorite picture of us:


Anyway, speaking of Sarah. She texted me yesterday about this book that everyone is ranting and raving about. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. In fact, I alluded to it in today’s title.  It’s called, “The Fault In Our St20140605-165854-61134517.jpgars” by John Green. She texted me a picture of the book and said, “SO GOOD! You need to read it!” So, today, I went to Smith’s and I bought it. Now, I’m going to go curl up and go see why the stars in at fault.



P.S. This book is also on my summer reading list. So, I’ll review it soon. And do tell me, was there a fault in your morning?





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