Why You Shouldn’t Do The Blazin’ Challenge

I made the mistake a few weeks ago to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with some mission friends. You see, about the middle of my mission, the mission was banned from B’Dubbs for obvious reasons. So, we thought that it would be fun to go and eat there. But before we all were banned from there, missionaries would go in and do the Blazin’ Challenge. I never had heard of it before (and I never had been to B’Dubbs) so I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to go with my mission friends to do this challenge. All I knew was that the wings were super hot and that I’d be lucky if I even finished them.

But before I get into how stupid I was for even doing the Blazin’ Challenge at B’Dubbs, I have to preference this by saying: If you ever have to sign a waiver to eat something that is so spicy, just don’t do it. It isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth the momentarily self-gratification nor is it worth beating your friends at it. When I signed it, I thought it was a joke but after I did the challenge, I now understand why you have to sign the darn thing.

So, for anyone who has not gone the Blazin’ Challenge, may I be the first to warn you: DO NOT DO IT! I repeat,save yourself and don’t do it. It isn’t worth it. Here’s why:

1. You have to sign a waiver. Like I just said, you have to sign a waiver saying that you won’t sue BWW or anything like that if medical issues happen from it. Waivers usually mean that someone down the line has either sued, died, ect. from whatever you’re about to participate in. It also means that you probably are going to have some issues because of the activity. If you have any common sense, don’t sign the dang waiver. Skip out on the activity because it probably isn’t worth risking death.20140605-180330-65010503.jpg

2. The after-math is painful. A few weeks ago, I posted a picture for a teaser about this post. One of the girls who came and did this challenge with me commented on the Destination Sunshine Facebook page and said, “Because it hurts both ends . . .” I’m not going to say much more than that. Just know what the after-math is going to be if you choose to be stupid and do the Blazin’ Challenge.

3. It will make you cry. With the exception of the first minute, I was crying the entire time that I was trying to do the challenge. Not only do you have to deal with the waiver, after-math, but you also get to endure the humiliation of the tears running down your face because the wings are so dang hot. Though, it does clear out your sinuses if you have bad allergies.

4. Everyone at the BWW gets to hear what’s happening during the challenge. I didn’t know this before I signed the waiver, but the workers make a big deal about this challenge. They bring out this big old flashing red siren light and they have a microphone. While your shoving the wings down, they are either commentating on the whole thing or telling you to go faster. Not to mention the no napkins and drinks thing. You aren’t allowed to wipe your face or drink anything until the six minutes are up. It’s intense.

5. Your fingers will burn your eyes out. I know this from experience! After I cleaned up my face and washed my hands off really well, I thought that I was going to be okay. WRONG! I got home and was getting ready for bed. For me, I wear contacts and I wasn’t thinking about my hands having the hot sauce on them. So you can imagine what happened when I went to take out my contacts. It burned my eyes out. It took twenty minutes for me to get them out. I went to bed with puffy eyes, lips, and a stomach ache. So not worth it. The next morning I couldn’t put my contacts in untill later that day because my eyes hurt so bad.

20140605-180637-65197632.jpg6. Your best friend will be replaced. Forget about your best friend who you call up when you’re in a pickle or need to vent to or even tell something exciting to them. You won’t even want to talk to your best friend unless you have Tums on hand. So if you’re stupid and do the challenge, make sure that you have Tums on-hand because you won’t survive the night without them because the heart-burn will be excruciating.

7. Your pride may be damaged in the end. I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of myself because out of the four of us that did this stupid challenge, I took second place! That’s right, baby! I took second place! It still wasn’t worth it though. But I do have to say, for the six and a half that I got through, it was like eating a piece of hell. There was only one of us who finished all of them. Then me with the six and a half, then six, and then three. Just remember, some people can handle this challenge and others can’t. But if you do a “winner gets blah blah blah” make sure that you hold everyone accountable for it. And make sure that you hold the loser accountable too.

No matter what you choose, I hope that you will give everyone you know fair warning about the Blazin’ Challenge before their stupid button flips on and they go and do it. I also hope that this post has convinced you not to go and do the Blazin’ Challenge and if not, good luck and may the odds ever be in your stupid favor.



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