Epic Fail . . . Mostly.


Like a bonehead, I forgot to take pictures of my meals today. . . .Sorry about that guys (and I didn’t do a great job at following the healthy rules…). Tomorrow will be better. Here’s what I had today:

This morning, I was running late for work so my breakfast was pretty pathetic.

* 1 piece of bread

* Small handful of almonds

And since I was at work, I didn’t get a second to eat my homemade lunch (which was super healthy by the way). I was busy lifting and making a balloon arch for the company that I work for. We have a huge sale starting for so I got stuck at the store and someone offered to grab me a little lunch and I stupidly agreed to it because I forgot that I had brought one.


* 1 small Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich

My mom made an AMAZING dinner tonight! She’s all about the healthy stuff so tonight’s dinner was great in the health department.


* Rice


*Green beans

I didn’t make it to the gym today (I know, I know, I can still go! The night is still young) because of the insane lifting and work day that I had. I’m so tired. Tomorrow, however, I will work extra hard at the gym to make up for today. Today wasn’t a great healthy kind of day. But I know that tomorrow will be. I know that changing to a healthier lifestyle is going to be a challenge-especially on days like today. I think that is what is really going to make or break me from becoming fit. But I want make a change and see the change in myself as I work hard and don’t give up.

What did you eat today? Were you healthier than me? What do you do on your not-so-healthy days? How did you make a change? Tell me everything!




3 thoughts on “Epic Fail . . . Mostly.

  1. Eating healthy has always been a difficult one for me. I think back to the time I hated vegetables and ate all kinds of junk. But that has changed so much over the years.
    For dinner I had green beans and cauliflower and 2eggs. My diet these days consists of vegetables mostly. I dont take any kind of carbs in the evening. Right now I have challenged myself to not eat any wheat! This is week one. It’s harder because i work at a restaurant…..!
    I will answer your question, how did I make a change.
    What has worked for me through the years concerning diet is cutting out things little by little. For example, when I decided to cut sugar out completely I stopped putting 3 teaspoons of sugar in my tea then it was two the one then nothing. Coke cola, fanta (not as sweet as coke) then orange juice then water…it has always been like that for me. Cutting out things bit by bit.
    It’s been hard but worthwhile as I look back. There is still so much to do though. This is still the beginning and there are weeks I cheat too much.

    I have tried to set a day to eat junk but even on that day not go crazy! Right now I have identified my weaknesses. Red velvet flavoured cupcakes are the ones I have to guard myself from!!! So tempting….haha
    I have failed so much in eating healthy though. At times I am so focused then there are days I just lose it….I am working on having fewer days where I lose it!

    But as I end there is something I was taught about nutrition that I constantly try and remember all the time. If our life was a pyramid nutrition would be put at the bottom as the foundation. Everything else builds from that. If our nutrition is not good then exercise won’t really be effective. That is why I like the picture you posted on this post! Its all about nutrition. Once you have sorted out nutrition you have a strong foundation to build yourself.
    I hope that helps…… 🙂


  2. Oh! Thank you for your thoughts, Rolain! A long time ago, I went gluten free for six months. It was super hard and eventually, I gave up. But I hope that it’s working out for you. I love what you said about the pyramid! Everything has to have a good foundaton to build off of! Thank you again for your thoughts! ~Sam


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