Swim Team Abs: Seven Sets of Ten


I’m sure that Michael Phelps worked really hard to get his killer abs. I know I did when I was on the swim team in high school! We would do this ab workout several times a day. I almost had a six-pack by the end of the season. So, you want abs? Then give this a shot!

Seven sets of ten:

  1. “Normal” crunches
  2. Right calf rested on left knee
  3. Left calf rested on right knee
  4. 90 Degree angle
  5. Straight (both legs in the air)
  6. Straight V (both legs in the air in the shape of a “V”)
  7. Right knee bent while the left leg is out straight (You’ll look like you’re doing the Can-Can on the ground)
  8. Left knee bent while the right leg is out straight
  9. Right side crunch
  10. Left side crunch

When you have finished this workout, you will have done 490 crunches. Congratulations!

We would also add V sits plus 1:00 planks. It was brutal but worth it!



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