Tiny Lunches & Weekend Excitement!

Well, hello everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend like I did. I’m so exhausted right now (but we’ll get to that in a minute) so hopefully this post will make sense. This past weekend, we did lots and lots of packing. And I mean LOTS! My home doesn’t even look like my home anymore. I’ll be so relieved when this whole moving, packing, painting, unpacking stuff is over.

Besides the headache of packing, it’s been a good weekend. I feel like I got a lot accomplished between work, homework, blogging, and just chillin’ with my family. We had a lot of fun. My mom and I just finished watching The Tudors on Netflix. It was really good! I highly recommend it if your into Henry the VII and England’s history. But I do give you fair warning, keep your remote handy because there are some . . . inappropriate scenes if ya know what I mean. And watch out for the beheading. That was pretty gross too.

On a happier note . . . I found this really great container to take to work so I can eat heathy and not run to Subway (not that Subway is bad or anything, I just prefer home lunch). It was a couple of bucks at Walmart and it is SO WORTH IT!!!!


Talk about perfect portion control, dishwasher and microwave safe! Yippie! This picture was my lunch from Saturday I think. I can’t remember. I’m super tired right now. Anyway, I’m really loving the Chobani greek yogurt and almond thing. It’s by far my favorite healthy lunch that I’ve had. I’m not really loving the whole salad thing though. I am trying but seriously, there are only so many salad leaves that this girl can handle.

20140623-204958-74998591.jpgMy sister Meg and I took some funny pictures with one of my crazy cats, Scooter, after we finished packing. We were so tired. I seriously thought the packing would never end.

20140623-204959-74999653.jpgHere’s Scooter. Isn’t she cute?! My other cat, Luna, wouldn’t stay still so all of her pictures turned out bad. I’ll post a picture of her eventually. But she’s cute too! She’s a long-haired grey cat. I love my kitties!


Anyway, tonight my math class started and can I just say how much I hate math?! I was driving to my class (I thought it started at 5:45 and it turned out it started at 5…so I showed up 40 minutes late. Great first impression, right?) and the sun was so pretty. I just had to take a picture. My math class is a broadcast class (weirdest thing ever!) so it was okay that I ended up being so late. The professor was just going over the syllabus so I didn’t miss much. Thank goodness!


The class FINALLY got out around 7:30 and I was so happy to be done (as you can see).  I was starving because I didn’t have dinner (I was at work before my math class) so I decided to stop and get some frozen yogurt because it was HOOOOT!


And I know excatly what you’re thinking: How is this healthy?

It probably isn’t but let’s be honest here: Who is going to live life without a little frozen yogurt? Not me! I think it’s okay to have a treat once a week but no more than that. You don’t want to over due it and go into a sugar comma.


Oh! And I wanted to share this post from Taralynn McNitt’s blog titled, “My name is Taralynn and I’m a recovering . . .”. It talks about how she overcame an eating disorder. It’s a great post and I really recommend it. You can find it here.  I have so much respect for her admitting her struggle. It’s not easy admitting something like that.

With becoming healthy, I’m nervous that I’m going to fall back into some old habits that I had (we’ll get into that some other time) but this time I’m really hoping that I won’t make those same mistakes because I have a better idea of what I’m doing this time.

Anyhow, that was my weekend! I wasn’t able to go to the gym (and today I haven’t made it either because of work and school…I will go tomorrow!) but I did get a complement at work today about how I look like I’m slimming down. Yay! That makes me happy. But enough about me! What did you do? Anything exciting? Tell me about your weekend!




I’ve combined my personal blog and fitness blog onto this site. It was too much of a headache trying to keep up with both of them.



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