Starburst Pink Girl Returns From Boating Trip

Well, hello dear readers! I thought that I should finally post so you all don’t think I died or something. This past weekend, I went on a boating trip and returned as a roasted pink Starburst. I should’ve taken a picture of how red I was when I came home but I didn’t.  The only pictures that I snapped with the burn were of the beach. . . . Luckily, most of the burn is gone expect on my shoulders. They were roasted the worst. Oh! And I got my first french braid! My hair has never been long enough to do that. But one of the girls offered to do it and this is how it turned out!


Anyway, the trip was a blast! For most of the trip, it rained, rained, and rained! We spent most of our time freezing under the canopy, playing games, chatting, and just having a good time.  We roasted marshmallows, told scary stories, and tried to get all of our stuff dry. My sleeping bag and pad were soaked but luckily one of the girls had an extra pad that I could use so I wasn’t sleeping on the hard ground.


We went boating and I got fried. Not just on my skin. I tried to learn how to water ski and that didn’t go well…not to mention the whole surfing thing. Let’s just say that my battle wounds are pretty epic.


We also had the opportunity to tour the David O. McKay house. I’ll post more pictures from his house later but we waited outside of it forever because our tour guide was telling us a bunch of history about the house. It was really neat!






What did you do this past weekend?!

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