We’re Just Making Lemonade [Part Two]

20140707-163336-59616168.jpg Remember that time when I wrote “We’re Just Making Lemonade?” Well, the juicing continues! For the past several weeks we’ve been getting ready for another move. It isn’t what we wanted and why we’re moving doesn’t matter. But what does matter is that we get everything packed by this weeks so we can start moving things over next week. Packing hasn’t ever been on my favorite things list.  Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is! It’s been nice getting rid of lots of stuff that we don’t need anymore. But what’s better than that is the new adventure we’re about to embark on.

My siblings will be staring a new school, mom will be way closer to school and work and I’ll be moving up to school a few days after we move to the new house. I’m really looking forward to a fresh start. All of the past is behind us and a grand adventure is just about to start. I can just feel it!

It’s been amazing to see the Lord’s hand in everything. I never would’ve imagined that this big transition would be so smooth.  We found a house at the perfect timing! I’m able to transfer to another store up at school, found cheap housing, and one of my best friends is already up there awaiting my arrival with her hubby.  I’m so excited to see the Plan B. So far, I’m loving it except the packing stinks.

Meggie and I took a picture in between packing—aren’t we somethin’?! Welp, that’s all for now. I have about 20 billion blog drafts that I have to finish and I probably won’t get to those until things have settled down. So, toodles until I have another fifteen minutes to sit and write.




When have you had to make lemonade?


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