Objections From A Swimsuit Shopper

20140707-221835-80315768.jpgThe ladies all dread it. You know, swim season. Getting in shape, having the perfect tan,  suit, shoes, hair, and so on and so forth. It’s stressful. It’s tedious. It isn’t easy. But most of all, I feel like it’s ripping on the worth of self-image. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be in shape and all. It’s when it is taken to the extreme that makes me feel frustrated.

I’ve always have felt that every square inch of swim suit season has to be 110% perfect. But let’s be honest here: It’s not. Finding the perfect swimming suit isn’t as easy as it sounds. All the guys can mock me on this post but I must object to this ridiculous idea that society has on swim suit season.

A few weeks ago, I was getting ready for my boating trip. I made the mistake by thinking that I was going to have a lot of success of finding a suit. But boy, how I was wrong! From the picture on the left, these are just a few of the suits that I tried on. I went to several different stores and wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

Objection #1: Hideously Cute.

Most of the patterns, colors, or a combination of both were not pretty. The three suits that in the picture are the only ones that I liked but they didn’t work…(we’ll get to that in a second). I’m not sure what it is with this year’s swim wear but from what I’ve seen they aren’t all that cute. Sure, they have cute little anchors, poka-dots, flowers, ect. on them which is fine. But the color combinations aren’t. White and red-orange. Navy and red-orange. Teal and navy. Pink and orange. And my all time favorite, mustard/puke color yellow and white (no joke!). Honestly, people, if you’re gonna make the suits at least get the color combinations right.


Objection #2: Code Orange Pants.

My mom and I have this code called “Orange Pants” which translates to: Return to your room and change out of that outfit, burn/throw away/donate whatever you were wearing, then continue with life. Every single suit was code orange pants. Not one of the styles was flattering on me but even on the pictures of the models (with the exception of one that I saw at Kohl’s). Maybe it’s because I’m short. Maybe it’s because of my body type. Or maybe it’s just how it’s cut (For the sake of argument, we’ll go with that one). If swim suits were designed to really flatter every single body type, do you really think I’d be writing this?

Objection #3:  Dressing Rooms.

The daunting dressing rooms. I’m sure we all have that horror story of where your mom asks you what size you’re trying on and that you swear you’d rather die than tell her because uninvited but listening dressing roommates are there. At least, that’s my horror story. Anyway, as I tried on several different suits, there was always the awkward boyfriend/mom/whoever waiting outside the dressing room. Um, hello?! Can’t ya see that you’re being awkward? Clearly, you can’t.  My favorite was how each of them would stare and then quickly look away once I made eye contact. This happened every time I walked in with a pile of wanted swim suits.  So, for future reference, make sure you always have your person there so you make everyone else feel awkward too (and dressing rooms aren’t fun unless you have your best friend there).

Objection #4: The Modesty Issue.

This is my biggest objection to the swim suit industry. 99.9% of all of the swim suits I tried on had a serious modesty issue. They were either too low or high or both. I’ve never felt comfortable in anything low-cut or high-cut. I was really disappointed that the stores that I went to all had this problem (including DownEast Basics). Modesty is so important to me because my body is a temple (you can read more about temples here). I  don’t need to show extra skin to look beautiful or to look great in that “perfect” swim suit. What makes any person beautiful is who they are and what they stand for. That’s true beauty. Awhile ago, I wrote a post called “Are You Beautiful?”  and I still stick to with what I said. As much as I love fitness and getting into shape, I know that appearance isn’t everything. God loves us the way that we are. He’ll never leave us alone just because of those last 10 lbs.

With those objections being said, I ended up wearing an old swim suit that I’ve adored for a while. All in all, I’ve done my research and have found that not all swim suit companies have all of the objections that I just ranted about. In fact, a lot of them fit the bill and of course, they are all online stores. If I end up ordering a new suit, I’ll let you know if I have any more objections.




What are your swim suit objections and have you seen Alway’s #LikeAGirl commercial? I love it! I feel like it applies to EVERYONE because we all can be strong and do incredible things!






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