Wanted: Motivation

20140709-162502-59102189.jpgHas anyone ever experienced that moment when you realize you are so behind in homework and it seems nearly impossible to catch up? Well, that is the story of my life. I’m not proud to admit it but I have been a major slacker in the homework department. I’m nine (NINE!!!) assignments behind in one class and only one behind in the other (I’m only taking two classes this summer). I honestly feel like my head is about to explode because I’m so overwhelmed. Because I feel so overwhelmed, I’m lacking motivation to even try to get caught up. Don’t worry, I know that I will. I have a schedule that I wrote up in my planner to get myself back on track (gotta get a good GPA this semester!). But I am worried like there is no tomorrow about fall semester.

I’ll be working part-time, juggling 15 credits (more like 12–3 of my credits are rock climbing, aerobics, and a spin class) and trying to maintain a social life. But you know what they say, you can only have two of the four choices: sleep, good grades, job, and social life. Looks like I’m going to be lacking some serious sleep and social life if I don’t figure out how to manage this crazy schedule that’s headed my way. Does anyone have any suggestions?




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