The Predicament

The unusual predicaments
That cause the human mind
To reconsider why one does
Useless and wasteful things
May be an indication that
Something is should change

For in the summer days
Of boating trips, camping, and star gazing
There remains a silence
Which screams so loud,
Demanding to be heard,
Among the days of fish and blue skies.

But, alas, all good trips end
And bring us back to the reality
That whispers of the internet
And self-gratification that comes
When a post is “Liked”

Ah, there’s the predicament:
For when your family returns
From those lazy summer days
Of fishing and ice cream savoring
You find yourself yearning to be
Reconnected to the world

The internet chooses to stop working
And you waste two hours
On the phone with the IT guy
To fix your self-gratification
And then you find yourself
Moving cords, screens, and towers
Then suddenly
I win, you blasted computer.

This poem was so kindly inspired by my nightmare of hooking up our internet after moving. Oh, the irony.

Copyrighted by SKB 2014.

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