Plan B: Home Sweet Home


We’re alive! We made it through the move and I can honestly say that there is no place like home. I love this new house. It’s beautiful. It’s happy. And most of all, it’s a beautiful “Plan B.” While I was a missionary, my mission president always said, “Most of life is ‘Plan B.'” I don’t know if there is a statement that is truer than that (besides the scriptures…duh). Life the past couple of years has been quite the roller coaster but I am finally happy to say that I’m so grateful and happy for the experiences that I’ve had. The growth and perspective that I’ve experienced has been a tremendous blessing despite how hard it’s been.


So, let’s go back a couple of days because I haven’t updated anything about the move with the exception of the pain the in the butt of putting together the computer and internet. This picture was taken a few days before we moved. As you can see, we’re exhausted but happy. We were finishing all of the packing that day (and there was so much to do) so we decided to make a Starbucks run before we hit it hard with the tape, boxes, and last-minute stuff that had to be packed.

The next day (or something like that…I can’t remember–it’s been all one big blur), we had taken three car loads of stuff to the new house, unloaded, and then tried to put some stuff away. We were all dead by the time we finished. Joe and Mom treated us to Costa Vida so we could take a break from all of the moving. It was super yummy. I ordered a small sweet pork salad and we all enjoyed Horchata (a rice cinnamon sugar drink that is divine!). It was a great day despite being all tuckered out.


Meg and I took this the day after we moved in. We were dead tired. We still have some unpacking to do but it is starting to look like home sweet home. I can’t express how grateful I am for all of the help that we had. The neighbors, friends, a family that came to the rescue seriously were the best SOS response team that we could’ve asked for.

20140722-212316-76996803.jpg 20140722-212314-76994464.jpg

And then here we are TODAY! Slurpee run with the one and only T-Lee and Kara. These two have been amazing with helping us unpack, doing hair, and just having a grand old time. I seriously love these two and I’m so grateful that they are in my life.


I also had my best friend, KT, that I’ve known since I was eight stop by today to see the new house and to say hi before I head up to USU on THURSDAY (TWO DAYS!! WAHOOHOO!!!). I love this girl to pieces. She’s amazing. And can I just say that her hair is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G. It always has been. And I’m pretty sure that when we’re 90 that it will still be that red. We stopped at a Frozen Yogurt place and Wendy’s for dinner tonight (P.S. The whole “eat clean” thing has gone out the window the past week…Starting Thursday, I’ll be back on track. Good grief.). It was so good. And the best part was just catching up and laughing our heads off. I haven’t seen KT since she graduated from college. So it was super great seeing her. [P.S. KT: This is your reminder to start your blog up!]


All in all, it’s been a crazy week but a very good one (and that’s even throwing a math test into the mix! I’m pretty sure I aced that but we’ll see…). This new home is beautiful (so is the view!) and I am in love with it. Plus the cats love this house too. They have been hilarious to watch while they’ve warmed up to the new place. This ‘Plan B’ has been such a better package deal than what I was expecting it to be. I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father sees the bigger picture and knows what’s best for each of us. Thank goodness for His ‘Plan A.’

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