College Adventures: Here We Come!

Picture Disclaimer: Thank you, Google and Disney for this picture. I'm simply borrowing this. It's not mine. Thanks. :)
Picture Disclaimer: Thank you, Google and Disney for this picture. I’m simply borrowing this. It’s not mine. Thanks. 🙂

I really ought to be packing for tomorrow or even doing homework but I’m just too dang excited for tomorrow to buck up and get all that done. Seriously, guys, I’m so excited for tomorrow! I move up to USU and officially start a new chapter of life. I’m so excited to finish school and to explore cute Cache Valley!  USU has always been the college that I’ve wanted to go to and now it’s finally happening. I’m excited to meet new people and make new memories. It’s going to be a blast! And the best part is my best friend, Sarah, is going to be up there so it’ll be so fun adventuring with her.

I’m going to start a another segment on my blog called “Logan Adventures” to either review, share, or recommend places that I discover or things I end up doing while I’m in Logan. It’s going to be great. Speaking of segments on my blog . . . I need to get going on finishing up my mission stories and lessons from Shurleah. Sheesh. I’m a slacker. I’ll get those finished so I can post them soon. Anyhow, Logan is going to be a grand adventure.  Here’s my list of things that I want to do while I’m in Logan

  • Something crazy on campus (climb on a roof, water tower, tunnels, sleep in a classroom for a night, ect)
  • Go to Logan Temple
  • Go to Fizz N Fry and enjoy the food [My friend Megan and her husband own this place and I’ve been dying to go there!]
  • Hike all of the trails
  • Rock climb
  • Go camping for a weekend
  • Bike up the canyon
  • Ice block down Old Main
  • Visit all of the museums
  • Star gaze
  • Drive-in Movie
  • Flash mob

That’s what I’ve come up with so far. When I think of more things or do other things that aren’t on that list, I’ll add them. So, here’s to the Logan adventures! It’s gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!



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