College Adventures: I’m Alive!

Welcome to Logan, UT.

This is the place where happiness stays.

This is the place where memories are made.

This is the place to be.

My first 48 hours of Logan have been pretty crazy.

Roommates met: 1.

Roommates moving out: 1.

Roommates: 2.

Walmart runs: 4.

Peopled that moved me in: 2.

Time it took to unpack: 2 1/2 hours.

Meals cooked: 4 (I’ll post those soon!).

Movies watched: 1 (The Vow).

Homework done: All but two assignments!

Pinterest breaks: Too many.

Friends seen: 1. Soon to be 3. Can’t wait until Sunday!

Phone calls home: 3.

Driven around Main Street: 7.

Places I wanna visit: TOO MANY!!!

Moths: 1 in the bedroom. It thinks it owns the place.

Music listened to: Everything and anything.

Fiz N Fry: 1st visit! I saw my friend who owns it. I’m excited to bring my roommates so we can have some soda and fries.

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