The reflection in the mirror

This is incredible. I strongly believe that inner beauty is the second greatest thing that any of us have. If we look deep enough, we can see how our loving Heavenly Father sees us.

true beauty, girls, beautiful inner beauty The ideal woman: 5’5, weighs 100 pounds, wears a size 5, has flawless skin, beautiful long hair, and a hot new outfit every day… oh… and let’s not forget the Brad Pitt look alike that’s always by her side.

Who is this girl you might ask?

You guessed it!

The one and only doll that most of us were so fond of when growing – Barbie.

It is she that creates the standard of beauty that most girls try to follow as they grow up.

It used to be that girls began caring about their body image when they reached their adolescence.

Not so anymore.

The typical age when a girl begins dieting in our culture? 8 years old.

Rather than playing outside and having no worries about anything, which is how life should be like at 8 years old, girls are self-conscious about how they look and are going…

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