College Adventures: Les Miserables (And I’m still alive…barely)!

Wow. I can’t believe that I haven’t posted for almost three weeks! I survived finals week and boy, can I just tell you how stressed I was that I wasn’t going to do well. Thankfully, I did! I got an A in my Storytelling class and a B in my Math 950. Math is something that I’ve always struggled with and I am so grateful that it’s finally starting to “click” with my brain.

Anyway, as a celebration for my good grades, I baked some cookies (they didn’t turn out so great because I may or may not have burnt them. I’m tellin’ ya, my baking skills are not great. I can cook a handful of things but baking . . . oh, my poor future children. They are going to grow up on burnt cookies. Bless their souls) and watched “Saving Mr. Banks” with roommate #2 while we did nails. It was super nice just relaxing after an insane semester.

Then I moved into my new apartment and school started. And the cheery on top: I have pneumonia. So, there are no pictures to post of the new roommies or apartment. Once I’m better, we’ll do that. However, I failed at posting about seeing Les Miserables on stage a few weeks ago with Sarah. Here we go!


We kicked off the night with some homemade pizza that Sarah’s husband Jacob made. It was amazing and I’m pretty I can still taste it as I write this.

August 047

Then the time came for us to see the incredible production of Les Miserables! And boy, was it amazing (though I must say the gal who played Fantine was a little weak compared the rest of the cast)! I really loved the opening scene and if I could I would’ve recorded the entire musical.

August 049

And of course, we just had to take pictures of our beautiful faces!

August 059

Very beautiful, right?!

August 061

All in all, it was a great little adventure in Logan. We loved it! Five out of five stars!
SamAugust 057

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