A Day In The Life Of An Aggie

Hello dear readers!
It’s been awhile. I swear I’ll get better about updating my blog eventually. But since it’s been a while, I thought I would give you a slim glimpse into my everyday life as an Aggie.

6:50 AM: “I belong with you, you belong with me, in my sweet hearts . . .” The Lumineers “Ho Hey” song scares me to death every morning (you would think that it wouldn’t because it’s a fairly quiet song). I hit the snooze button and then I eventually get up–usually no later than 7:30–to get ready.

8:07 AM: Now, that I’m out the door ready to face the day I hike the hill of death. Well, at least it’ll be my death. The bronchitis combined with the asthma doesn’t help with the climb. This is usually about a five to seven minute walk depending on how quick everyone is moving that morning. Eventually, I make it to the top and have a few minutes to run to the middle of campus to go to my math class.

IMG_41958:30-9:15 AM: Math 990. It’s as dull as it sounds.

 9:20-10:15 AM: Chill at the Quad Café. I usually grab a hot chocolate and do homework here for about an hour. Sometimes, I’ll just waste time or start a new blog post (which clearly hasn’t been successful) or play Candy Crush. Yes, it’s pathetic.

10:18-11:22 AM: My Folk Art & Material Culture class is fabulous. I’m in love with this class. We recently studied graveyards and IMG_4445what they represent. I am loving every minute of it (probably because I’m minoring in Folklore).

11:30-12:22 PM: I’m in the Old Testament Institute class with Brother G. He’s a great teacher and I’m learning so much about the Old Testament. It’s great being able to take a break from the crazy morning and to just study the scriptures.

12:30-12:50 PM: Lunch time. Well, more like snack time. I keep a stash of snacks in my bag because hiking the hill of death isn’t worth getting a real lunch. So I eat snacks instead.

1:00-1:45 PM: Last class of the day: Family Finance. It’s a huge class. I always heard people joke about having classes in big lecture halls and how the professor has no idea who you are. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s true. My class seats 500 students. I’m just a number in the crowd. It’s a pretty intense class but I’m learning so much and I’m really enjoying it.

1:47-2:00 PM: This is usually about the time when I walk down the hill of death. It doesn’t take long walk down it. Once I get off the hill, I have to walk a few blocks to get back to my apartment.

2:00-10:30 PM: Depending on the day, I’m either doing homework, at work, in my American Literature class (great class, by the way!), or reading a good book. From there, my nights are all over the place. Sometimes I do homework. Sometimes I watch movies with my roommates (who I love very much!) or just chat with them. I haven’t done a whole lot since I’ve been sick (I’m still sick, guys! Seriously. I’m considering putting my lungs on Ebay and asking for new ones in return) but as soon as I’m better, the adventures in Logan will begin again! Oh! And then bedtime hits and then it starts all over again (except Tuesdays and Thursdays because I don’t have classes on those days).




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