Our new dresser is interracial . . .

For the past couple of years, I’ve been living in a studio apartment. This studio apartment is a decent size. Not too big, not too small. But somewhere in that perfect scale of being on the decent size I’ve run into a problem with making everything fit.

Finding extra space in the closet, or the cleaning closet for little odds and ends has been a little tricky. The entire time that I’ve lived there I’ve wanted to get a dresser. Somewhere between moving out for college, and graduating college the dresser that I had growing up was sold in a yard sell (with my permission, of course).

Ever since then, I haven’t had a dresser. Until now. Dale went to IKEA with me to pick out a dresser since he will be moving in with me once we’re married later this year. Here are some of the pictures we took while building it!

Dale was so excited that I wanted to take a picture of him pushing the dresser on the cart.
Loading it into the car!
Ready to take it home!
We made it back to my place and started to unpack the dresser. Can’t you tell that I’m SUPER excited to read the instructions?!
We’re gonna build the dresser. HECK. YEAH.

And then this happened . . .

We bought a black dresser that had WHITE pieces in it.

Once we had everything laid out, Dale said to me, “Look babe! The dresser is interracial just like us!” We were laughing pretty hard at this. After calling IKEA’s customer support and confirming that the pieces were correct, we built the dresser.

Building and reading to make sure it gets put together correctly. We had a couple of mishaps but eventually figured it out. Also, don’t mind the mess in the background. Things were a little crazy at my apartment.

Being a interracial couple hasn’t ever been a big deal for either one of us. For me, I’ve never dated someone from a different race, but it has never bothered me for a second–especially since that my step-dad is Hispanic. I love the diversity that it brings, and hearing about Dale’s experiences in the Philippines and how thing are different/similar. Dale, on the other hand, has dated girls from all sorts of different races and it’s never been a big deal for him.

People ask me all the time if there are things in our relationship that are impacted by the interracial stuff. To be completely honest, only one thing comes to mind that has impacted it: Rice. Dale has this insane obsession with having rice with everything. It’s definitely a Filipino thing that I have never understood. I always tease him about it and then he ends up calling me racist (in a VERY joking way!! We tease each other about this all the time). We’ll have to blog about this rice obsession he has some other time.

Anyway, besides the rice thing, it’s never been a big deal. We both have great families, and have experienced so many different things. That’s definitely a perk of our relationship. I love that we are able to talk about so many different things. There is never a dull moment when Dale is around.

Besides our relationship, I’ve never experienced anything discriminatory towards the fact that we are different races. I’ve never experienced the judging eyes, or under the breath comments that people make. I hope that I never will have to because it’s not a big deal that we look different. If anything, we’re going to have the cutest family ever.

I’m really grateful that Dale is in my life. He’s truly amazing and I could go on, and on about how incredible he is. But that’s not the point of this post. Being an interracial couple is interesting. There are a lot of perks; a lot of awkward moments; and a lot of good times.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Here’s the finished product:

For the record, it took us two or so hours to build this dang dresser. It was worth it though.

XO Sam

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