The Story Behind Our Blog Name

In 2009, I was introduced to the blogging community. I was given the assignment by my creative writing teacher to blog at least once a week. Those days, I was a senior in high school and was taking my creative writing with two good friends. I’ll admit, I was not a great blogger. In fact, writing as a blogger wasn’t my strength back then. I was more of a poet. But I wanted to become a good blogger. One of my good friends was fantastic at writing on her blog. I was a little jealous and became determined to improve my writing.

Ten years later, here I am. I’ve consistently blogged throughout my adult years. I’ve had lifestyle blogs, health journey blogs, rant blogs, and even a Tinder date blog–yes, I did blog about the awful Tinder/online dating experiences I had. I called it “The Tales of Tinderella” or something snarky like that.

Anyway, the last big blog that I was really dedicated to was called “The Wellness Warrior.” Some of you may remember that blog. I shared a lot of recipes, life recaps, and tips on how I manage my health with Fibromyalgia (a blog post for another time). That blog had at least 2,500 followers on it. I was starting to get recognized by local newspapers who wanted to publish some of my recipes. I was in the process of working with them when my blog got hacked into, and a bunch of spam contaminated all of my content. That was about two years ago.

I tried to get all of my blog restored so I could continue writing about my life. But I was never able to recover any of the content from “The Wellness Warrior” blog. It was very disappointing and I was so frustrated that I took a break from social media for about six months.

It was really refreshing taking a break. As stupid as it sounds, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all of the social media that everyone follows, posts on, and LIKES to keep up with. Not to mention remembering to photograph every time you eat, go somewhere, or whatever just took so much time. So I gave up on blogging.

Until a few weeks ago when Dale and I had a conversation about starting a blog so that our family and friends can keep up with us. Since Dale’s family lives mainly California and some are in the Philippines) and my family is all over the United States (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and a few other states that I can’t think of) we figured that this was going to be the easiest and a fun way to share what’s happening in our lives.

Let’s talk about the name: Curly Qs and Food. It’s a little weird, I know. But hear me out first. I originally was trying to get back into the blogging community. I love writing, sharing recipes, and having a spot to look back on all of the things that I’ve done in that year. At the time, I was trying to figure out a name for my blog. I went through so many ideas. Finally, I texted Dale and said, “Hey, what about this one: Curly Qs and Food?! It’ll cover you, me, life adventures, and obviously fooooooood. What do you think?”

Dale loved the name. Curly Qs refers directly to my insanely curly hair, and Dale’s last name (soon-to-be my last name!). We both love food and fitness so the last part fit right in. We are so excited to be sharing our lives with all of our friends, family, and anyone else who comes across our blog. We’ll have our ups, downs, and everything in the middle. We’re excited to share our lives with you and hope that you’ll stick around for our wild ride!

XO Sam (Dale too!!)

5 thoughts on “The Story Behind Our Blog Name

  1. I love this Sam! I’ve blogged on and off for years too so it’s so fun for me to have a friend who blogs as well! Also, we need to talk recipes sometime! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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