Weekend Recap: San Francisco Trip! [Part One]

Wow. It seems like it has been an eternity since I updated my blog. Dale and I have been so busy ever since we got married in October last year. I’m still in the process of doing all of the monthly recaps and wedding posts from last year so hopefully I’ll get caught back up soon. But in the meantime, I figured that I might as well stay on top of what we are currently doing here in California!

After we moved (I’ll blog about that next!), and somewhat unpacked Dale and I went with his extended family on three day road trip to San Francisco. It was AWESOME! If looking at photos isn’t really your thing, you can always head to my Instagram (@curlyqsfoodblog) and look at the San Francisco highlight on my profile. I took a ton of videos from our trip. It was a blast!

One of the many things I love about Dale (and sometimes it drives me nuts) is how much of a planner he is. Dale took the time while we were getting ready to move, and even during the moving process to plan the entire road trip to San Francisco. He did an excellent job! With all of the stops that we made, I was blown away by how many incredible things we saw. Everything we went to was my first time seeing it in person. Plus Dale’s uncle and his wife from Australia (with Dale’s parents, aunts, and uncle) came with us on the trip which made the trip even more special.

Day One: Lots of Traffic, Beaches, and Danish folk

Stop #1: Hollywood sign driveby, LA Traffic, More Traffic, & Miramar Beach

We got up early (well, early in my book–something about not being in college has made me not a morning person) and went to pick up Dale’s family that lives about 10 minutes away. Once all 9 of us were loaded into the 15 passenger van we were on our way. It was about 8:45 am when we left. We drove by the Hollywood sign (I have yet to hike it), got stuck in LA traffic for two hours, and then stopped for lunch. Afterwards, we got back onto the interstate and we were stuck in Ventura for 4 1/2 hours. It was awful. We made another stop at the Miramar beach for about fifteen minutes to stretch our legs. It was beautiful! Thankfully, we eventually made it to Santa Barbra just in time for the sunset.

Stop #2: Santa Barbra Beach Pier Harbor

At the pier in Santa Barbra, I was shocked at how mesmerizing the sunset was. I’ve seen pictures of sunsets at the beach but this one didn’t compare. The picture certainly doesn’t give it justice.

One of the cool things about this pier is that you’re allowed to drive on it. We were joking about how if the car fell through the pier that it would be game over for all of us…maybe not the best thing to joke about when your car is several feet above water, but we did nonetheless. #twisted We walked around the pier, saw for a brief moment where Dale’s brother got married, and then got back into the car to drive to the Danish village Solvang.

Low quality photo, high quality company @ San Barbra Pier

Stop #3: Solvang [Danish Village]

This village was a out-of-body experience. Everything felt so magical. They had Christmas music blasting everywhere. It really felt so magical. I loved seeing all of the Danish cafe shops and little gift shops. I’m such a tourist in that way. I’m totally obsessed with buying magnets, pressed pennies, and other random stuff as little reminders of an awesome trip. Dale literally had to talk me out of buying a magnet while were here because the next time we come we’ll spend longer than an hour or two in the village. 

By far the coolest part about this village was the Cinderella carriages that were taking people all over the village. They were multi-colored carriages and they looked like they came straight from Cinderella’s castle. It was magical! They also had a cool wine-tasting place called Hamlet Square. Even though Dale and I don’t drink, it was still neat poking our heads in for a second. After we left the village, we headed get a very late dinner and went to the hotel.

Day Two: Mission home, Morro rock, and Seal Lions

Stop #4: Mission San Luis Obispo

Religiously speaking, Utah has a lot of cool places like this Mission home that we stopped at…minus the Gothic religious symbols that were all over the mission home. The mission home was founded back in 1772 and is the only L shaped mission home in the state of California. The mission home was full of religious artifacts and out of respect to their beliefs, I didn’t take many photos of the inside (although I did film for a vlog that I’m attempting to put together of our move and San Fran trip!). It was really neat reading about the black wedding dress that was on display, seeing the original walls of the mission home, and the old alter boy room. A lot of the displays were original from the 1770’s and looked like they were brand new. However, you could definitely tell that the mission home was original due to the musty smell from inside. 

The alter inside the mission home

Everyone but Dale in this photo outside of the Mission home.

Stop #5: Morro Rock, & The Great American Fish Company

After the mission home, we drove to Morro Rock and ate at the Great American Fish company. This rock is one of thirteen volcanic plugs between the Morro Bay and Isayl Hill (thanks Wikipedia!). It’s a GIANT rock that you can’t drive up on but you can get pretty dang close to it. My inner geologist nerd was trying very hard to not explode of how excited I was to see it up close. 

This picture (above) was taken at the pier by the Great American Fish Company before everyone ate (except Dale and I–driving in the car for two days was making me really car sick so I didn’t have a huge appetite on the trip). After everyone ate, we went closer to the rock and walked along the shore.

Dale inside the Great American Fish Company

It was really windy and cold. Even though it’s been in the mid-70’s in California I’m amazed at how much cooler it feels the closer to the ocean you get (I mean, it’s basic geology on why it is and I get that but still, it’s cool to think about!). Where I’m standing in the picture (below) the waves kept crashing up and this was taken seconds before my shoes got soaked.  

Don’t get wet!

Stop #6: San Simeon Elephant Seal Viewpoint & Carmel Beach

Our final stop for the day was driving to the San Simeon Elephant Seal Viewpoint. Guys, if you haven’t been here you need to. It’s so cool!! I’m obsessed with elephants so this was definitely something that I was excited to see. These guys are HUGE. And I mean H-U-G-E!! Since they are considered to be “true” seals (whatever that means) they don’t have ears which is surprising since they are SO LOUD! I couldn’t believe how loud they were. There weren’t as many on the beach as there typically are but we saw so many. Also, according to my quick Google search the average elephant seal male weight 6,600 lbs. Yes, you read that correctly.  They are HUGE! Also, they are known to be very dangerous creatures which is why humans are not allowed on the beach. They are fast and will kill humans…apparently, we taste good to them so that’s why there is a fence. Safety first, kids! You can hear them on my highlight “San Fran Trip” on my Instagram @curlyqsfoodblog #FollowAlong

Hello sun! Yes, please blind me for this super cool picture.

After we left the Elephant Viewpoint, we stopped about an hour or so later to stretch our legs at the Carmel Beach. It was beautiful!

We weren’t there for very long. We still had a few more hours to go before we made it to our final destination: San Francisco! Our trip felt like it was way longer than three days. As I’m looking back at all of the photos I took, I’m amazed we were able to squeeze as much as we did in three days. It was so much fun! Stay tuned for the next post about San Francisco! It’ll be up very soon! 

But before I go . . . drop a comment below and tell me:

  1. Have you ever visited any of the stops I went to?
  2. What’s your favorite animal and why?
  3. What’s your favorite pier to go to? Why?

XO Sam

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