Weekend Recap: San Francisco Trip! [Part Two]

And now we finally reached the whole reason for our road trip. We finally made it to San Francisco!

Day Three: San Francisco

Stop #7: The city of San Francisco

Going to San Francisco with a degree in Sociology is the closest I’ll ever get in fulfilling my unrealistic dream to becoming a cool sociologist. I literally was amazed at the sociological dynamics that I saw while we were in the city. Back in college, I took a rural sociology and diverse populations class that had us watch a documentary on the low-income population that lives in a high-populated and expensive place to live cities. San Francisco is definitely not one of those places.


According to my quick Google search the average person needs to have a stable income of $12,370 a month to live comfortable. Frankly, I’d never live in a city like that even if I made that much every month. The entire time we were in the city, I felt like I was crowded, and couldn’t see a dang thing. It was one of those “out-of-body” experiences because of how crowded it was. For a city that is so wealthy, I’m shocked at how crowded and stuffy it feels. I couldn’t believe (I mean, don’t get me wrong–I’ve seen pictures of San Francisco before) that it was so over-populated and that people are okay with parking their cars in the strangest ways.

Besides how crowded San Francisco is, it took us a couple more hours before we reached San Francisco. We took the scenic route. It was really beautiful. I’ve never seen that much of the ocean in my life so that was really cool to experience. But for the record, I will never again drive that coastline. Talk about being white-knuckled as a passenger in a 15-passenger van….yikes! Anyway, we drove through the city for a little bit and saw the Infinity Hotel (for the five seconds I saw it, it was pretty cool) so we could reach the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Smiling like I’m five years old because I was so excited!

THAT SKY VIEW! HELLO! The pictures don’t give it any justice. It was breath taking. We missed the rain luckily and were able to take a lot of picture. Seeing the bridge up close was so neat. It’s HUGE, a beautiful rusty red, and worth every minute sitting in that van. While we were taking pictures and just soaking in the moment, I couldn’t help but pinch myself. It was a misty, magical, “Is this even for real?!” kind of moment as I stared at the Golden Gate bridge. I absolutely loved it. 



With Dale’s family

After we stopped at this viewpoint of the Golden Gate bridge, we went to a closer site that is at the Fort Point view. It was even more beautiful than the first stop we went to. Also, it was much colder because we were so close to the ocean. But seriously, these pictures do not do it justice. It was so misty, cold, wet, and stunning. I can’t think of the right words to describe it all, but it was pretty epic.

The water was so beautiful!

Dale: “Babe, let’s take a kissing picture.”


While some of Dale’s family ran to the restroom, I literally gave myself a five minute tour of the fort. I LOVE historical sites. It  was really neat being able to get a quick glance inside. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to tour the fort because it looked like it was going to start raining and we wanted to go see a few other places before we got rained out. 

Info on the fort

Original display of historic artifacts

Original damage to the fort

SUPER huge cannon. These could totally give the elephant seals a run for their money.

Ready. Aim. Fire.

After the Painted Ladies, everyone was ready to go back home. The rain kinda ruined all of the exploring that we could have done. But that didn’t stop us from doing as much as we could. Our very last stop was driving on the Oakland Bay Bridge. It was cool. Epic. And I was freaking out the entire time because we were driving over the ocean. Apparently, I’m not built to stomach driving over the ocean because I was freaking out. Dale kept asking me if I was okay and I was clearly lying every time I told him I was “fine.” 


Then we headed back to Long Beach, CA. What a trip! I’m so glad that Dale and I (with his family) were able to go explore San Francisco and some of California. There is so much to do here. I’m so excited to see what our next adventure will be. Before I go, leave me a comment below answering these questions for you:

-Have you ever been to San Francisco?

-Would you also freak out driving over the ocean, knowing that if the bridge collapeses, it’s game over?

-Do you like sea food?

Until next time!

XO Sam

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