28 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (Birthday Edition)

Today I turned 28. So here are 28 things you may not know about me!
  1. I love writing. It’s something I have always been passionate about.
  2. I’ve been published five times in my life by an actual publisher.
  3. I have a never explored the city of LA–Dale and I were going to go and then the Coronavirus happened…we’ll get to exploring LA hopefully soon!
  4. I’m a grad school drop-out! Shocker, I know. That’s a long story. Comment below if you’d like a blog post about it.
  5. I have dressed up as a Harry Potter character almost every year since I was 12.
  6. I really hate being gluten and dairy free. Like, really hate it. Sometimes I hate it so much that I still eat gluten and dairy. But I always pay for it in the end.
  7. I can wiggle my ears. Yes, it’s weird. Get over it. 😅
  8. I have lived in Utah, California, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Maryland.
  9. I have never traveled outside of the United States.
  10. I love betta fish! Like, I’m kind of obsessed with how pretty they are.
  11. I swam competitively in high school and college.
  12. I hate, hate, hate shoe shopping. I have wide feet and skinny ankles and shoe shopping is the worst when you have that combination.
  13. I have a degree in Sociology! #GoAggies
  14. I had 31 roommates in college in a span of 6 years.
  15. I am terrified of horses.
  16. I was the only child for eight and a half years.
  17. I have seven siblings. One half-sister, two biological, and four step-siblings.
  18. I have never successfully climbed a tree.
  19. I love color. I can’t pick just one favorite color because I love them all.
  20. I hate dogs and I’m allergic to cats.
  21. I hope to have my artwork displayed in a gallery one day.
  22. I have ridden an elephant.
  23. I bought my first car at 20. I miss my Beast car! It died about six years ago.
  24. I changed my college major several times because I wanted to do it all (nursing, teaching, social work, English literature).
  25. I used to think that essential oils were a total hoax but now I’m a firm believer in them.
  26. My favorite book is the Count of Monte Cristo.
  27. I married the kindest, compassionate, and loving man ever.
  28. I don’t have a passport.

I hope you enjoyed this little list of mine! Now, my favorite part! Questions for you!

  • 1. If you’ve been quarantined like me on your birthday, tell me what you’ve done to celebrate!
  • 2. Is there anything on the list that surprised you?

XO Sam

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