A mini health update

A few years ago, I shared a lot about my health and fitness journey. I talked about my health struggles, and victories. I talked about the diagnosis process and everything that lead up to getting a diagnosis. Then one a bad breakup, college graduation, my health crashed again later…I took a six month leave from social media which resulted in deleting my old blog account #TheWellnessWarrior

My first successful gluten and dairy free muffins!

Fast forward two years later, I’m wanting to get back into sharing my health and fitness journey with Fibromyalgia. Guys, I’m totally nervous and super hesitant about talking about it. I don’t want to come across as a victim or anything associated with negativity. That’s not my vibe or the tribe I want to attract. I’m a genuinely happy person. I’m a total spaz and have the kind of outlook on life where the glass is half full and never half empty. I’m an optimist. And maybe a little bit too big of an optimist by default.

My swollen hand. 2016.

I like to be positive and encouraging. I like to share the good vibes and roll with the not-so-good times. I also like being real. I mean, what’s the point in sharing if you can’t get vulnerable every now and then?

This time my sharing is going to be different. There’s no strings attached with Beachbody or asking you to sign up for a fitness challenge group. I’ve walked away from my Beachbody days because the pressure was too much and I just don’t need that kind of stress in my life. I love the tools that Beachbody provides for me. I learned, and grew so much as a person. I still love their products and totally support them. But I’m not coaching anymore nor am I consistently ordering from them.

Remember the tiny little snacks segment I used to do?

This health and fitness journey is way more realistic this time. I’m taking a intuitive approach and really taking the the time to listen to my body when it comes to eating well, exercise, and managing my health. I hope you’ll come along and join with me on how I take this new step forward and continue to share. It’s going to be awesome.

XO Sam

That bun

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