Day In The Life: Quarantine Edition

7:00 am to 10:00 am—Waking up. This usually consists of hitting snooze approximately 5,000 times and then getting out of bed, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and climbing back into bed to watch some YouTube while eating breakfast. I will also set my goals for the day during this time. Since I’m not working right now, it’s been really nice being able to sleep in. I’m trying to not get into the habit of it, but it’s not going too well.

10:00-11:00–Scripture study for a solid hour and listening to some worship music. I think it’s so important to feed your spiritual self during this weird time. I’m not perfect at this but I definitely try my hardest to put God first in my life.

11:00-12:00 pm—Crochet for an hour watching Netflix. I have officially made four blankets in quarantine. I’ll be posting about the crafts I have done while in quarantine soon! Sadly, I’m running out of yarn and people to make blankets for. If you want a blanket, tell me.

12:00-1:00–Eat a healthy lunch and listen to a uplifting Audible book. Currently I’m enjoying “Get Out of Your Own Way” by Dave Hollis. It’s excellent!

Grocery shopping.
Playing with makeup.
Art space.
Going on walks.
Blogging space.

1:00-6:00 pm—This is where things get a little blurry. Depending on the day, I will go grocery shopping, or play with my makeup, paint, or even blog. It really just depends on what my goals are for the day. Dale will usually workout during this time. Assuming I’m not having a flare up, I will join him or I will do my own workout.

6:00-7:00 pm—Dale and I will eat dinner with his parents. We’ve been having a lot of fun with the BBQ, making new recipes, and having breakfast for dinner.

7:30-10:30 pm—Dale and I have been obsessing over 24 on Hulu during this quarantine. It’s been a lot of fun getting excited over Jack Bauer saving the day. Also, can I just say that if Jack Bauer was real, he would’ve stopped Covid-19. Anyway, after we watch a few episodes of 24, I will do my nightly routine: skin care, take my meds, and get ready for bed.

Then we repeat until we get outta this quarantine.

Comment down below and tell me:

  • What is your daily quarantine routine?
  • Do you watch 24?
  • Can Jack Bauer come save us all from Covid-19?

Xo Sam

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