Fibromyalgia Awareness Month: Day 4

Day 4 of Fibromyalgia Awareness Month: Honoring your emotions vs. victimization

This is a topic that I was going to talk about later in the month but with a few recent messages and comments from my posts from the past couple of days I think I should address this now because I’m not posting every day this month to come across as a victim. I do not believe that I am. Now, does that mean that having this disease isn’t hard? No. But how I honor and acknowledge my emotions and move forward is what matters. It is so, so, so important to honor your emotions and work through how you feel while finding a way to either re-frame it or make peace with it.

Accepting a challenging life-altering disease isn’t easy but it can be done. It is not okay to victimize yourself because that kind of negativity gets you nowhere.Now, before some types some nasty comment or DM me about how I don’t understand how hard a chronic illness is or that my heart is made outta stone, please hear me out.

Is having a chronic illness hard? Absolutely.

Are your feelings real and valid? Absolutely.

Is living a life full of medications, hospitals, unanswered questions, doctor appointments, and a thousands other medical-related things incredibly hard and emotionally toiling? Absolutely, no question.

But that begs the question: Is throwing it in people’s faces and playing the victim okay? No it’s not.

Here’s why:

The victim mentality thrives off of three things:

1. Bad things happen and will keep happening.

2. Other people or circumstances are to blame.

3. Any efforts to create change will fail, so there’s no point in trying.

Playing the victim leads to nowhere. It leads to a path full of negative emotions and a life where all you see is the bad stuff. Now, I need to make it very clear that I am not invalidating what you’ve been through or how difficult it is. It’s hard. It can feel like you’re going to break. Sometimes it feels like it breaks you.

But how I see it, everyone gets to a point where they have to make a choice. You have to choose what space of mind you are going to live in. You have to choose to accept that your body is broken but that doesn’t mean that your spirit is. You have to choose to find the joy.

Life is so short. We all know that. We all can think of people who should’ve lived a longer life but it was stolen from them because of their health.That’s what we sometimes forget: Every life matters. Everyone has value. You’re journey, your experiences, and everything that makes you YOU—it all matters. For those who love and support you, you matter to them.

So, let’s stop this negativity. Let’s come together and find the good. Let’s practice patience with ourselves and remember that everyone’s journey is different. Let’s also find cures for awful diseases such as Fibromyalgia. Rant over.

XO Sam

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